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Divided By The Highway

Date 5 years ago
Reading Time 2 Mins Read
Highways, freeways and railways are physical barriers, often dividing our communities – splitting a city in parts. The question is if such division has an effect on the demographic and socioeconomic composition. One may also wonder if such differences were already in place before the road was built, and if they are possibly accentuated over time? Below are statistical comparisons for a selection of cities, in California, where a freeway cuts through in roughly equal parts (A and B).
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Sweden continues positive Vision Zero trend in 2017

Date 6 years ago
Reading Time 2 Mins Read
According to the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) the main reasons for the continued drop in traffic deaths are reduced speed limits better adapted to existing road designs, safer cars and, in urban areas, separating and protecting pedestrians and cyclists from auto traffic. Targets and efforts towards Vision Zero (no deaths or major injuries in traffic) in Sweden have consistently aligned to reduce the number of crash deaths, the number now less than half of what it was 20 years ago (550 deaths in 1998).
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Mapping Real Estate Values

Date 7 years ago
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Understanding the patterns and trends for real estate valuations is important for: city planning, identifying demographic imbalances and in revealing investment opportunities. Visualizing this data in maps provides accessible insights that are otherwise difficult to gain.
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