About us

Our mission is to empower transportation and planning agencies to better serve their customers.

As a close-knit team of cartographers, developers and designers, we are passionate about our field of work. We are dedicated participants in the Vision Zero movement creating safe mobility through a complete streets approach.

People looking at kiosk signage at a public plaza.

Our Team

David Figueroa

David is a technical geographer and founding partner of DCR Design. He has worked internationally conceiving and delivering landmark transit and wayfinding information projects. For the past 20 years his main focus has been developing digital mapping assets for wayfinding and public transit information in London, New York City, Toronto and Los Angeles.

Roland Hansson

Roland is a founding partner of DCR Design. He is a full stack developer with extensive experience in GIS and cartography. Maps have been his passion since childhood and he firmly believes in geospatial technologies as an essential tool for managing environmental challenges and creating a sustainable future. Still looking for that perfect trail.

Nick Bockelman

As a versatile graphic designer and illustrator, Nick approaches design projects with an openness to new opportunities. With the goal of clarity and effective graphic communication, Nick explores many ways to compel viewers with engaging illustrations, infographics, and designs. To see more of his work, please visit:

Nils Figueroa

Nils has been with DCR Design since 2018. He graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2020 with a degree in Graphic Communication, and a concentration in web & digital media. He is always eager to learn and expand his knowledge in all areas of life.

Georgia Crowley

Georgia joined DCR Design in 2019. With her refined eye for detail, Georgia understands the impact of cohesive, digestible, visual content. Invoking positive action through design, Georgia is optimistic in finding solutions for a sustainable world centered around active and public transportation.

Saga Bengtsson

Saga is the driving force behind our marketing endeavors, fueled by a passion for environmentally conscious solutions that create win-win scenarios. With a solid foundation in Business Management from Antioch University, Saga brings a strategic approach to our team.

Kendra Roberson

Kendra Roberson is a 3rd year Graphic Communication student at Cal Poly. She recently joined DCR as a Junior Designer to aid in various design projects, specifically with the LA Metro. With a great eye for detail and hard work ethic, Kendra looks forward to connecting her knowledge of design and production to create more user-friendly designs both on and off the screen.