LA Metro’s Regional Connector

New transit maps for a new DTLA

DCR has assisted the most recent development of LA transit.

LA Metro worker installs the new system map in preparation for Regional Connector opening. (source)

DCR has collaborated with LA Metro over the past few months to re-design and update the majority of its customer-facing maps, triggered by Regional Connector, a significant new enhancement to the Metro Rail network.

The Regional Connector

The Regional Connector is a nearly 2 mile long underground rail project that adds three new stations to the Metro network and increases the rail connections between Union Station and 7th Street/Metro Center, the two Downtown LA transit hubs. This creates better opportunities for travelers, reducing transfers in Downtown LA and shortening journey times through the middle of LA.

Identity as well as infrastructure – no more line color references

Metro began transitioning to line letter designations more than a year ago, in alignment with industry best practices. This transition will become complete with Regional Connector. Additionally, the L Line (or Gold Line) is re-branding. It’s former northern segment will now extend the A Line through Union Station to Azusa, while the former southern segment will now extend the E Line from 7th St / Metro Center in Downtown LA to Atlantic Station in East LA.

As part of Regional Connector, all Metro lines have officially dropped their color names and are referred to by their letters.

DCR’s contribution

These infrastructure and identity changes affect nearly every mapping product in the Metro system. This has kept us busy, but DCR was also asked to re-design the iconic Go Metro map to reflect the Regional Connector changes and to further integrate design elements across all Metro map information products. The new designs are now out across the Metro transit network, at stations and online.

As LA Metro CEO Stephanie N. Wiggins says, “The Regional Connector is a game changer for the region and will offer an alternative transportation option to congested roadways, provide significant environmental benefits and spur economic development throughout L.A. County.” (source)

Regional Connector opens up LA for transit riders in a whole new way, and we are thrilled to have helped with this transformation!