May is Bike Month!

May is a celebration for cycling enthusiasts everywhere, marking the arrival of National Bike Month.

Biking isn’t just a mode of transportation; for many it’s a lifestyle that embodies a commitment to wellness and environmental stewardship. As spring blooms around us, there’s no better time for people of all ages to embrace the joy of cycling, enjoy a ride to work or school, or simply to explore the world around them.

In sunny San Luis Obispo County – where we call home – Bike Month offers many biking events and activities courtesy of SLO Regional Rideshare, the City of SLO, as well as companies and nonprofits who all support safe biking in its many forms. Visit the Rideshare Calendar for a more detailed schedule with locations, descriptions and times for all events. If you aren’t in San Luis Obispo County and want to connect with Bike Month events, we recommend you contact your local city or regional transportation agency (also sometimes known as Metropolitan Planning Organizations). 

DCR design files for Cal Poly bike lockers

For DCR’s part we have helped SLO Regional Rideshare put the finishing touches on a new pilot bike locker program, creating graphic designs to help communicate and identify the new lockers on the campus of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and in downtown SLO. We have also developed the second generation of web bike maps for LA Metro to help bike enthusiasts understand where LA regional bike infrastructure exists and to help plan bike journeys.

DCR design files for Downtown SLO (Morro St.) bike lockers

Moreover, biking is a healthy and sustainable way to move around, particularly in an urban environment. Making biking safer for everyone should be a priority for cities in order to encourage more people to ride more often, reducing air pollution and promoting healthier lifestyles. While we celebrate this in May, the positive energy should be used year-round to make bike riding more of a habit and to fuel more projects to make biking safer for everyone.