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May is Bike Month!

May is Bike Month! Numerous events, for cycling enthusiasts everywhere, mark the arrival of National Bike Month. Biking isn’t just a mode of transportation; for many it’s a lifestyle that embodies a commitment to wellness and environmental stewardship. As spring blooms around us, there’s no better time for people of all ages to embrace the joy of cycling, enjoy a ride to work or school, or simply to explore the world around them. This positive energy should help promote safer infrastructure for everyone.
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Keeping Cool: The Power of Urban Trees

As average temperatures in many US cities continue to climb and debilitating heat events become more frequent, the importance of green spaces and shade in urban environments has become increasingly evident. National Heatstroke Prevention Day, observed earlier this month on May 1st, serves as a crucial reminder of the risks posed by excessive heat, particularly in densely populated cities like Los Angeles. To help mitigate these effects, one of the rays of hope we’d like to draw attention to is urban trees and shade.
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Put the Phone Away or Pay: Stop Driving Distracted

Distracted driving presents itself in various forms, but one of the most prevalent and dangerous behaviors is texting, scrolling or using cell phones (and on-board screens) while driving. As advocates for safer mobility for everyone, we believe it's crucial to raise awareness, encourage safe driving behavior on the road, and reverse this worrying and dangerous trend. The Put the Phone Away or Pay campaign aims to raise awareness about the risks associated with distracted driving and promote safer habits behind the wheel.
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