Discover the Joy of Cycling this May

Discover the Joy of Cycling

May is an exciting month for cyclists, as it is National Bike Month.

Biking is a healthy and eco-friendly mode of transportation and, as spring continues to boost our spirit and energy, people of all ages are encouraged to explore the numerous biking opportunities and events through the entire month.

Bike Month Events and Activities

In our local region of San Luis Obispo County, CA, we look forward to a range of events and activities hosted by SLO Rideshare:

  • Bike to School Day (for youth, K-12) – May 3rd
  • Bike to Work Week (with bike breakfasts and happy hours!) – May 15-19th
  • Community Celebrations – All month long!

Visit Rideshare’s Calendar for more detailed descriptions, times and locations for events.

Explore On Two Wheels

Last year, DCR worked with Rideshare to develop an online bike map web app. This tool is great for planning a local or regional bike trip, and learning more about the opportunities of biking in SLO County.

This spring, we continued our collaboration by designing and producing a set of durable, portable printed bike maps for SLO County.

These maps serve locals and tourists alike – focusing on in-town routes and a summary of current bike infrastructure in four regions of the county.

We opted to add hard-covers to the maps, so they are durable and easier to fold than traditional maps.

There are four versions available, each representing a region of SLO County, and they will be available to pick up at Rideshare’s booth at various bike month events this May!

Happy biking!